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Credentials and Certifications

National Academy Sports Medicine
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Personal Trainer Practitioner
Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain
Certificate in Life Coaching
Nutrition and Weight Management
Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
Certified Exercise Trainer


As the founder of Projectmybody Massimo is a CIMSPA accredited Personal Trainer Specialised in Posture, Weight Management, Injury Prevention, Post Rehabilitation Exercise and Performance Enhancement.
The experience of nearly 20 years in the health and fitness industry, an avid curiosity for human movement  and his compelling desire to help others have given him a disciplined results-focused approach to training.
Before becoming a Freelance Trainer he joined the Elite Personal Training Team in one of London’s most exclusive Health and Fitness Club in the Square Mile, subsequently moved to a Sport Facility within a Healthcare Clinic where he worked along with other health practitioners whilst coaching his clients.
Massimo’s best asset is his ability to engage with people of any age, level and background. In his spare time he is a keen cook and loves outdoor activities such as exploring, cycling and hiking

Our Services

"Exercise is optional...Movement is essential"

Personal Training
Weight Management

Personal Training
Our Personal Training sessions are educational, engaging, physically challenging, yet always tailored to your personal abilities, desires and needs. They are aimed to guide you through fitness, nutrition and lifestyle in a way that you can manage your optimal weight and achieve your ultimate goal in the safest and most effective way.

Postural Alignment
Injury Prevention
Post - Rehabilitation

 What is posture?
Posture is the position of our body held up against gravity when standing, sitting, lying or moving. When we maintain optimal posture, our joints, muscles and connective tissue are aligned, in balance with each other and the integrity of the spine is more likely kept uncompromised.

Corrective Exercise
Performance Enhancement

What is corrective exercise?
Stress, bad posture, poor exercise technique can all contribute to muscle imbalance which can interfere with our quality of movement and training. Corrective Exercise is a systematic, yet personalised scientific approach aiming to realign the body in order to minimise injury and enhance sport performance or leisure activities.

What they say


The work that we have done together has made a very significant difference to the health of my back, and Massimo's expertise has been invaluable



He is a great company, a superb motivator, and i always leave mentally and physically energised



In addition to having a deep understanding of my personal fitness requirements he provides great variety to my training programme and has a fantastic attitude



I had been suffering from chronic knee pain for 6 months after commencing running. My physio said i had "Lazy Glutes" and suggested me to get a Personal Trainer. I consulted Massimo and after a lot of hard work, i now have absolutely no pain and glutes of iron



After just 3 months of exercises with him i felt much stronger and had slashed about 6 mins of my 10k run time, and this just as by-product, without really concentrating on the actual  running at all