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As the founder of Projectmybody Massimo is a personal trainer specialised in exercise for the management of back pain, injury prevention, nutrition and performance enhancement.
Time spent in the army and the additional 15 years experience in the health and fitness field have given him a disciplined result focused approach to training. 
Before becoming a freelance trainer he joined the elite personal training team in one of London`s most exclusive fitness clubs, and subsequently moved to a sports facility within a chiropractic clinic as a rehabilitation coach.
On a more personal level Massimo’s best asset is his ability to motivate people of any age, level and background. 

"15 years experience

 combined with the

 highest credentials

 in the industry"

Level 4 registered

Active IQ 
Certified exercise for low back pain

Certified personal trainer

Certified exercise trainer

Nutrition and weight management

NCTE Newcastle College
Certificate in life coaching


"He is great company,

a superb motivator and

I always leave mentally

and physically energised"


I have trained with Massimo for the last 8 years because he is, quite simply a first class trainer. Like many city workers who are always pushed for time I train once a week (hard!) and I maintain a size 10 shape and am fitter than I have ever been. He instinctively knows when to test my strength and equally knows when I reach my endurance limit. No workout is ever the same so I never become complacent and it is always a challenge. He is great company, a superb motivator and I always leave mentally and physically energised even if I have had an exhausting day and am in no mood to work out.

Massimo’s passion, interest and commitment to physical fitness are self-evident.  I cannot recommend him highly enough. He will transform you.

Jane Arnold  ( Broker, Oil Company )

Having suffered from repeated bouts of severe lower back pain for a number of years due to disc injuries, I decided that I needed to find a way to stop this pain from recurring: Massimo was recommended to me as a personal trainer specialising in this area. 

I have now been training with him for a little over 6 months and I’m truly amazed at the positive changes that he has helped me achieve during this relatively short time. Massimo has identified the key areas of my core that are imbalanced and that need strengthening – and he then has taken me though a layered programme of exercises to build up my core strength. All through the process, he has explained why we are doing particular exercises and has listened closely to my feedback to tailor and fine tune the work that I do.

The result is that I now feel stronger and more confident in leading an active lifestyle without the constant worry of my back issues returning: I’ve been pain free since my first training session. Massimo is not just a great trainer but he’s also a very approachable and amicable guy. I’d have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. 

Doug ( CTO, a leading Travel Company)

I am 31 and work in finance, I play football and I like running. I started training with Massimo over a year ago on a weekly basis following an herniation to my disc and a front dislocation of my left shoulder.

Before starting seeing Massimo I was afflicted by severe chronic back pain and repeated shoulder dislocations, but thanks to the hard work done with him and the routine he has tailored for me, I now run a perfectly normal life, I am much stronger, the pain is gone and the shoulder has been stabilised. Also, in the past I have never been very consistent with my training and Massimo has done great work in keeping me focussed and motivated for over a year now.

Highly recommended!

Walter Manara ( Banker )

"I first heard about Massimo from my girlfriend. She had been training with him for two years and praised inventiveness of his exercise routines and his expertise and was still so enthusiastic about her work-outs that i finally decided to try him myself. 

Despite being relatively sceptical (after my previous experiences with personal trainers), i was very quickly won over by his simple and sound ideas as to which exercises must be prioritised to counteract the results of a largely sedentary life style of an office worker - which worked small miracles for me! After just 3 months of exercising with him i felt much stronger and had slashed about 6 minutes of my 10k run time, and this just as a by-product, without really concentrating on the actual running at all. 

Now i never leave for a run without activating my glutes, or have a workout without holding a plank! And by the bye, my girlfriend became my wife, and she continued training with Massimo until week 35 of her pregnancy. Cannot recommend him highly enough!"

G. Kucerov (Investment Banker)

I have worked with Massimo for the past 3 years, and began training with him as a result of a chronic back problem. The work that we have done together has made a very significant difference to the health of my back, and Massimo’s expertise has been invaluable.

Malcolm ( Lawyer )

Massimo has been training me for over 3 years now and I can highly recommend him to anyone. I have noticed significant improvements in my all round fitness and strength over this period of time and this is completely down to the Personal Training work done with him.

Massimo is patient, understanding and a great motivator; he makes working out fun and enjoyable. More importantly he is an expert in what he does and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and general health.

Danny Done ( Managing Director Leading City Based Recruitment Company)

I am an experienced runner with 9 marathons under my belt. During the last few years I have taken up Personal Training, tennis, golf and cycling to add more variety and fun to my fitness regime.

I first saw Massimo in January 2009 and have had a PT session with him for most weeks since. In addition to having a deep understanding of my personal fitness requirements he provides great variety to my training programme and has a fantastic attitude. He has become an important part of my busy working week.

Steve Kemp ( MD, Emperor Design Consultants )


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Bad posture and biomechanical misalignments can not only prevent your body from training efficiently, they can also cause pain, discomfort, repetitive stress and strain on muscles, joints and connective tissue which can in turn lead to injury. 

Rehabilitation training aims to return you back to your sport or favourite activity. A Doctor or a Physician’s clearance might be required before starting an exercise rehabilitation programme. 








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Our personal training sessions are educational, engaging, physically tiring and challenging, they are adapted to your personal ability, desires and needs, they aim to guide you through fitness, diet and lifestyle.

Performance enhancement training can be applied to leisure activity or athletic performance by using a systematic yet personalised scientific approach.










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